Midway Elementary School
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Students meeting their shadows, January 2021

Northern Lights

Mrs. William's second grade artists' renditions of The Northern Lights

Kids playing in fall snow

Students in masks in snow! 10/20

MLK Dream bubbles
Maggie cong art

Mrs. Cong's third grade artists in the style of Gaylen Hansen's "Bison, Fish & Tulip"

5th grade exploring ships art

Mrs. Holbrook's 5th graders study early explorers

Bottle People!
Mr. Willis's 4th graders use plastic bottles and wooden spoons to create doppelgangers. 12/20
Veterans Day art

Midway Honors Those Who Serve, Veterans Day 2020

Picasso Style Frankenstein drawings

Mrs. Holbrook's 5th grade artists create abstract Halloween art (10/20)

Photo graphic of teachers smiling under masks!

We are all smiling under these masks! BTS 2020

Socially distanced lineup

Socially Distanced Lineup and Attestation, 10/20

5th grade shark backdrop

The photo backdrop for our drive-through graduation! (Thanks, 5th-grade team) 6/18/20

Mrs. Rupe's most decorated grad parade car

Mrs. Rupe's family goes all out for the 5th Grade Graduate Parade 6/18/20

HEy Hey Midway collage 2 part 2

Hey Midway Collage 2, part 2 April '20

We miss you so very much

Collage p. 1: Dear Sharks We Miss you so very much


Collage 2: And want you to know you are loved! 

3rd graders don their best 1980's outfits for Spirit Week

80's Day! Spirit Week for Spring Fund Run, Feb 27, 2020

A muli-colored collage of every students' handprints that reads BE BOLD, BE DIFFERENT, BE YOU

This whole-school collage fosters the celebration of individuality and belonging! 2/20 

That day the Midway Sharks duct-tapped Mrs. Spinnell to the wall!!! 11/22/19

That day the Midway Sharks duct-tapped Mrs. Spinnell to the wall!!! 11/22/19

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Well Child Exams!

The Washington State Department of Health is encouraging families to make well child visits.
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