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Your Chance to Light the Way for Struggling Families

Area high schools are competing to see who can raise the most funds to help out families in our surrounding communities who are struggling to pay utility bills during this difficult time. So far (as of Thursday, May 28) The Wildcats community has raised $1800.

To join the cause, and help reach the school-wide goal of $3500, click HERE

Here are some other options:

  1. Text “lightson15” to 71777 and make a donation. Dig as deep as you can. If we can get every school employee in the county to donate $40, we will make our goal of paying everyone's bill who needs it...in the whole county.

  2. Like our Facebook and Instagram pages, #spokanekeepthelightson, and like or share our posts over the next three weeks.

  3. Tell your peers at middle and elementary that if they want to get involved, to email spokanekeepthelightson@gmail.comor communications@snapwa.gov 

  4. Share this information with whoever you know will help create some energy and competition. Challenge them! Talk smack, even!😉

  5. Check out the amazing programs that SNAP offers: https://www.snapwa.org/menu/ 

  6. Prior to the COVID crisis, Spokane County unemployment was at 5.7%, and is rising as more people experience layoffs. Over 12,500 households received energy assistance from SNAP in 2019, including Brandi and her sons. Last week, SNAP gave out $37,000 in this type of relief.