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Back to School Letter from Mrs. Spinnell

We are so excited to learn together again this year!

Like us, I’m sure you are also preparing for some of the unique circumstances of the new year. Whether you will be joining us face to face or from a distance, your partnership is absolutely vital for our success this school year. For families being served in our face to face model, here are some things you can do to help us have the best outcome this year.

 Students in Continuous Learning 2.0 (Distance): 

  • Prepare your work space at home! Find a dedicated space in your home for your remote learning routine where you can work with minimal distractions, have your supplies available (which we will provide for you!), and a work surface, and possible an outlet nearby for your borrowed Chromebook or personal device.

  • Chromebook distribution takes place on Sept. 9th and 10th at Mt. Spokane High School for our Midway students in remote learning. Pick up will be curbside. Watch for details from our Technology Department. 

  • More details regarding remote learning will be forth-coming next week. Stay tuned!


Tips and info for families served by face to face learning: 

  • Carefully read our Midway Family Handbook and Mead’s Reopening Safety Protocols.

  • Spend some time building mask-wearing stamina. As an adult who has been wearing a mask in meetings all month, my personal experience is that it is something you get used to after a time. With our young kiddos, it’s all in how you frame it! They will pick up our cues about how to feel about wearing masks. If we let them know that it keeps ourselves and others safe, and that this is how we get to go back to school, our children will follow that lead. Masks must be worn at all times during the school day, including recess and PE. Students can take them off for lunch and breakfast.



  • Please have a plan for completing the nightly attestation that your child is symptom and fever free. This will preserve precious instructional time for your child each day. 

  • We are asking that students please not arrive on campus prior to 9am to minimize the amount of time we have a large group of students outside without supervision. We have begun marking where line up will occur- check it out on the attached map! Feel free to take a walk around outside to show your child where lineup will take place. 

  • Be aware that we have switched our bus loop and parent drop off loop (see attached map). This will give us more curb space for our many parent drop offs, which we hope helps create a smoother process. 

  • Please keep your child home if they are showing any symptoms of illness, and have a plan for how to do this within your family’s schedule. We will be required to send them home to you if they show any potential symptoms of COVID-19, and before they can return we will need a negative test for COVID-19, a doctor’s note, or a quarantine period to pass. It will be simpler for you and for us if you keep your sick child home, even if his or her symptoms appear minor. 


Pick Up/Drop Off Logistics: 

  • Be aware that we have switched our bus loop and parent pick up loop (see attached map). This will give us more curb space for our many parent pickups, which we hope helps create a smoother process. We will share more details about how this will look next week.

  • Consider transporting your student to school yourself, if you are able. We are unable to assure six feet of distancing on our busses. Masks will be required on busses, windows will be opened, and sanitation will occur between routes.

  • Drivers: We appreciate you remaining at your car during drop off/pick up. 

  • Walkers: We appreciate adults waiting behind our fence line during drop off and pick up. If you choose to come onto our campus to wait with your child before school, please help us model physical distancing and wearing face masks for our students. After school, please help us comply with physical distancing by waiting for your child on the sidewalks on Midway Road instead of on our campus to keep the front of our school clear.


 Mark your calendars:

  • September 14th - First day of school for grades 1-5

  • September 14th-16th - Kindergarten Family Conferences (to be scheduled at a later time)

  • September 17th - First day of school for Kindergarten

  • October 6th - MOD Pizza Family Take Out Night sponsored by PTO


We are so ready to start learning with you again! See you soon!


Christine Spinnell,

Midway Principal