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Shark Tales: The Midway News, Issue 1

We hope you enjoy our first issue. Click here to read:


SharkTales: Midway Student News, March/April 2016



~ The News Media Club (see "staff" names on page 10 of issue!)



To participate in News Media Club, contact advisor Lisa Fairbanks-Rossi, at 465-6714, or lisa.fairbanks-rossi@mead354.org. Each issue will incorporate new interested writers, as space allows, up to 15. Participation in News Media Club requires an interest and proficiency in writing, or a willingness to become so! You will get training in journalism, or the 5W’s and the H of reporting, interviewing and making deadlines! All great career training!


“Journalism is, at its most fundamental level, about clear and compelling storytelling with the purpose of providing your reader a service. Whether you’re reporting on the lives of students in your school, localizing an international event to your community, investing in a long-term investigative piece, reviewing a movie or summarizing a sports match, you should be focused on keeping your audience’s interest and providing them with useful information. This information, if presented correctly, can have a substantial civic impact.” http://www.schooljournalism.org/