Midway Elementary School

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New classrooms, cafeteria & procedures

  1. Mrs. Bos, Mrs. Slick, Mrs. Linquist, Mrs. Vandermeer, Mrs. McQuilkin, Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Badeaux, and Mr. Cong all have new locations to line up in the morning.  You will all be by the front doors and flagpole now. 

  2. Your kindergartener and 1st grade students will be exiting after school from the southwest doors.  Watch for them by the flagpole.

  3. Mrs. Robeson, Mrs. Amend, Mrs. Holbrook, Mr. Holbrook, Mr. Oster, Mrs. Labrie and Mr. Meseberg are now in the portables.  You will all go line up by your classroom portable door.

  4. Just a reminder to any visitors that may venture out to the portables, please check in at the main office first.  

  5. If you eat breakfast in the morning, just enter through the front doors and go all the way down the north hall and to our new cafeteria. 

Here is a video procedure of the new cafeteria area, demonstrated by Sheldon the Shark, Mrs. Tobiason's and Mrs. McQuillkin's first graders.