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Shoe Policy

Midway SHARKS “Sneaker Policy”

It is important for students to wear the appropriate shoes (tennis shoes) on his or her designated P.E. day. The students receive 60 minutes of Physical Education each week. I would like for every child to be able to participate to the fullest each week and not miss out on an opportunity to have fun and exercise due to inappropriate footwear.


Wearing appropriate shoes is a part of your child's grade for Physical Education class. I realize that sometimes students may forget to wear the proper shoes. Classroom teachers and myself try to remind students weekly to wear tennis shoes on their P.E. day.  If your son or daughter likes to wear shoes other than tennis shoes to school, a suggestion would be to have him or her keep a pair of tennis shoes in their backpack.


Students without the proper shoes that cannot participate in the activity will walk outside the activity boundaries and complete stationary fitness exercises for 20-30 minutes. By doing so, they will still be able to get some physical exercise in a safe manner.


The first time a student forgets their shoes they will be given a “Sneaker Reminder.”   Most of the time this is all it takes to help them remember their PE days.   However, if a second time occurs the student will be asked to complete a “shoe reminder plan” that will be taken home to be signed by the parent.   If there is a third occurrence, I will schedule a phone conference with parents .  

PE is very important to our students and is a vital learning environment.  Just like they need to come prepared to learn in their classrooms, they also need the necessary equipment to learn in PE.   Thank you for your support in this manner.


Please contact me if there is a financial need to purchase appropriate footwear for P.E. class. Midway  Staff may have funds available to assist you.  This is always done in a confidential manner.


Yours in Health and Fitness,

Mrs. Rupe

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