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Student Organizations

Midway Shark Council


We believe that for PBIS to become an integral part of our school community, students need to have a voice. According to the Shark Council advisor, fifth grade teacher Kirsten Labrie, "giving students a voice ensures student friendly language and actions. Most importantly, kids listen to kids."

The Midway Shark Council is divided into three focus teams: The "Production Team", The "Peer Mentor Team" and the "Public Relations Team”. The council of 5th and 6th graders meetings twice monthly before school. 

Midway ASB

The Midway Elementary School Associated Student Body (ASB) generates and provides school activities and fundraisers, and serves as a training experience for sixth graders who are drawn to leadership. ASB provides students with a sense of ownership and partnership in the management of the school, and seeks to interest students in school activities. All members of ASB promote school spirit, positive attitude, and responsibility for everyone. The governing body includes president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Sixth grade teacher Chad Meseberg is the ASB advisor.

Kindness Club:

What started as a Kindness Challenge has now developed into a wave of student action and advocacy, which has raised money and generosity, as well as the 2015 WEA Human & Civil Rights Award  in Spring of 2014. Students receive “Kindness Cards” and receive marks on those cards when an adult “catches” them doing an act of kindness. Follow what this amazing group of students (and their teacher advisor, Hoa Cong) have helped create in our Midway and Mead communities, and beyond! https://www.facebook.com/kindnesscard/

"The Kindness Cards Facebook page is intended to inspire others to do acts of kindness by reading what others have done,” says Mr. Cong.


News and Media Club

Why a newspaper? Do people even read those anymore? Yes! They just read them online, which is where you will find ours. Also, educational research shows that students write more and better when they are writing regularly for a real audience. School newspapers also offer an opportunity to work cooperatively; applying real-life skills such as organizing, prioritizing, meeting deadlines, making and keeping appointments and creative problem solving. There are opportunities for students of diverse skills and interests (sports, books, movies, TV shows, community organization, local government, even photography, comic illustration) to contribute.

Sharktales Website:

The Club is open to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students

Club Advisor :  Mrs. (Lisa) Rossi (questions?): 465-6714