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Midway Elementary Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-6700 |  Fax: 509-465-6720  |  Attendance Line: 509-465-6784 (24hrs)

Principal Josh Westermann josh.westermann@mead354.org 509-465-6700
Principal Assistant: Kellie Timberlake kellie.timberlake@mead354.org 509-465-6732
Administrative Assistant Sherry Reisbig sherry.reisbig@mead354.org 509-465-6701

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Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Kristi Amend 5th Grade Teacher kristi.amend@mead354.org 6747
Donna Anderson Manager II donna.anderson@mead354.org 6715
Suzanne Bofenkamp 1st Grade Teacher suzanne.bofenkamp@mead354.org 6700
Mindi Bos Kindergarten Teacher mindi.bos@mead354.org 6764
Rachel Brady Counselor rachel.brady@mead354.org 6768
Karen Brasch Music Teacher karen.brasch@mead354.org 6766
Susy Breneman LAP Teacher susy.breneman@mead354.org 6770
Christine Brown Para Educator christine.brown@mead354.org 6700
Hayley Calhoun Educational Specialist hayley.calhoun@mead354.org 7600
Debbie Comstock 2nd Grade Teacher debbie.comstock@mead354.org 6751
Hoa Cong 4th Grade Teacher hoa.cong@mead354.org 6756
Maggie Cong 3rd Grade Teacher maggie.cong@mead354.org 6753
Erin Corry 2nd Grade Teacher erin.corry@mead354.org 6762
Becky Day Para Educator becky.day@mead354.org 6700
Melanie Delcid 3rd Grade Teacher melanie.delcid@mead354.org 6754
Shari Dezihan Family Support Advocate ECEAP shari.dezihan@mead354.org 6775
Jennifer Dieter 1st Grade Teacher jennifer.dieter@mead354.org 6700
Carrie Dinwoodie School Nurse carrie.dinwoode@mead354.org 688-9128
Lisa Fairbanks-Rossi Library Technology Specialist lisa.fairbanks-rossi@mead354.org 6714
Heather Ferguson-Gady Para Educator heather.ferguson-gady@mead354.org 6700
Mary Gilbrech Administrative Assistant, Building
mary.gilbrech@mead354.org 6702
Bryan Hall Kindergarten Teacher bryan.hall@mead354.org 6700
Lynn Harding Educational Specialist lynn.harding@mead354.org 7600
Karen Henning Para Educator karen.henning@mead354.org 6759
Kristin Hermann School Psychologist kristin.hermann@mead354.org 7600
Heather Hernandez 1st Grade Teacher heather.hernandez@mead354.org 6765
Ashley Hoffman Speech/Language Pathologist ashley.hoffman@mead354.org 7600
Jeff Holbrook 4th Grade Teacher jeff.holbrook@mead354.org 6749
Kristi Holbrook 5th Grade Teacher kristi.holbrook@mead354.org 6744
Travis Ives 3rd Grade Teacher travis.ives@mead354.org 6739
Natalie King Resource Room Teacher natalie.king@mead354.org 6700
Jamie Kissler Speech/Language Pathologist jamie.kissler@mead354.org 7600
Kristen Labrie 5th Grade Teacher kristen.labrie@mead354.org 6746
Lizze Larick Para Educator lizzie.larick@mead354.org 6700
Debbie Latta 6th Grade Teacher debbie.latta@mead354.org 6700
Kelly Leaf Occupational Therapist kelly.leaf@mead354.org 7600
Lydia Linquist Kindergarten Teacher lydia.linquist@mead354.org 6758
Susan Madel Cook II
susan.madel@mead354.org 6715
Eric Magnuson Custodian II eric.magnuson@mead354.org 6742
Judy Maney ECEAP Lead Teacher judy.maney@mead354.org 6773
Bethany Mason Occupational Therapist bethany.mason@mead354.org 7600
Janice McQuilkin 1st Grade Teacher janice.mcquilkin@mead354.org 6761
Melissa McVay Para Educator melissa.mcvay@mead354.org 6700
Chad Meseberg 6th Grade Teacher chad.meseberg@mead354.org 6748
Jeff Michelotti Custodian II jeff.michelotti@mead354.org 6742
Jeff Miller Custodian II jeff.miller@mead354.org 6742
Anne Molenda Combo Support Teacher anne.molenda@mead354.org 6718
Kathy Morgan Para Educator kathy.morgan@mead354.org 6719
Donn Nelson Teacher of Deaf & Hard of Hearing donn.nelson@mead354.org 7600
Chrissy Osborne Physical Therapist chrissy.osborne@mead354.org 7600
Kristy Oster Para Educator kristy.oster@mead354.org 6773
Ryan Oster 6th Grade Teacher ryan.oster@mead354.org 6745
Molly Owens Developmental Preschool Teacher molly.owens@mead354.org 6772
Tammi Pratt Para Educator tammi.pratt@mead354.org 6700
Robin Rash Speech/Language Pathologist robin.rash@mead354.org 6772
Sherry Reisbig Administrative Assistant, Principal
sherry.reisbig@mead354.org 6701
Laura Ring ECEAP Lead Teacher laura.ring@mead354.org 6719
Debra Robeson 4th Grade Teacher debra.robeson@mead354.org 6743
Jessica Rumberger Resource Room Teacher jessica.rumberger@mead354.org 6700
Tia Rupe Health & Fitness Teacher tia.rupe@mead354.org 6740
Jeanne Sciuto Quest Teacher jeanne.sciuto@mead354.org 6700
Alyssa Servatius Para Educator alyssa.servatius@mead354.org 6700
Meghan Slick Kindergarten Teacher
meghan.slick@mead354.org 6739
Beth Slusser Para Educator beth.slusser@mead354.org 6736
Kristie Speir Kindergarten Teacher kristie.speir@mead354.org 6700
Katherine Spilker Para Educator katherine.spilker@mead354.org 6774
Cheyanne' Standish Resource Room Teacher cheyanne.standish@mead354.org 6757
Heather Thoburn School Psychologist heather.thoburn@mead354.org 7600
Kellie Timberlake Principal Assistant
kellie.timberlake@mead354.org 6732
Jen Tobiason 2nd Grade Teacher jenifer.tobiason@mead354.org 6763
Stephanie Tomlin ECEAP Lead Teacher stephanie.tomlin@mead354.org 6774
Alyssa Vandermeer 1st Grade Teacher alyssa.vandermeer@mead354.org 6700
Jennie Wellman Para Educator jennie.wellman@mead354.org 6700
Josh Westermann
Principal josh.westermann@mead354.org 6710
Sandy Whitehill Para Educator
sandy.whitehill@mead354.org 6700
Denise Whorton 2nd Grade Teacher denise.whorton@mead354.org 6752
Jennifer Wigen Speech/Language Pathologist jennifer.wigen@mead354.org 7600
Kirk Willis 4th Grade Teacher kirk.willis@mead354.org 6750
Mary Wilner Vision Impaired mary.pfannenstielwil@mead354.org 7600
Debbie Wraspir 3rd Grade Teacher debbie.wraspir@mead354.org 6755
Kelly Zeller Special Education Preschool Teacher kelly.zeller@mead354.org 6775